Ice Cream

Ice Cream

I know that I am supposed to leave the ice cream alone and that it is making me fat. My problem is that I do not want to. I like my ice cream and I do not feel like giving it up. What else can I do if I am not willing to give up the ice cream?

Figure out how many calories of ice cream a day that you are eating and then determine what work out you can do to burn those calories. Eat your ice cream but first get in the exercise.

If you are worried about being fat then you need to take action against it. When you know inside your heart you need to give something up like ice cream, cheese, chocolate or any other behavior that is bugging you, it is a pretty good sign that it is time for you to do it. I call this the Holy Spirit nudge.

The problem with change is we rarely continue to “feel like it”. Change is difficult. It takes a decision to stay committed to the behavior you want. Decide that you like the way you feel when you control your ice cream urge and resist. The more you practice the desired behavior the easier it gets. Remember your thoughts largely influence your feelings and you do have the power to control your thinking!

1 Timothy 6:6 “Now godliness with contentment is great gain.”