Individuals and Families

Fitness Vacations – for individuals or small groups

Faith-Centered Fitness for Individuals:
jogging_familyTailored to the individuals needs and goals
Manageable exercise and nutrition plans
Mind, body, spirit dimensions
One-hour sessions
Flexible to meet at homes, gyms, studio settings, or at retreats
At the base of all plans are internal motivation and independence
Plans usually start with an intensive one- to six-month schedule, tapering off as clients naturally take more personal control over their holistic health plan.
Family excercise through jogging. Faith Centered Fitness

Relapse Prevention Plan: Although most commonly associated with drug and alcohol abuse, relapse can include all types of behaviors. Faith-Centered Fitness helps people turn from destructive lifestyle patterns into new all-encompassing healthful lifestyles.

Faith-Centered Wellness for Families: Includes a written health assessment for each member of the family.
Personalized training and performance goals are established and documented for each member.
Whole-family goals are explored and created by the family unit; directions, ideas for implementation, and prioritization assistance from fitness coach.

Nutrition Lesson Plans can also be customized for families.
Small and Large Groups: Would your school, place of employment, or community organization benefit from a holistic wellness program? We also offer customized programs for small and large groups. Contact Kimberly for more information.