Bio Of Kimberly Mathews

Kimberly Mathews received her formal training from Purdue University. She studied adult fitness, including exercise, nutrition, recreation and behavioral science. She continued her education through the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council of Exercise as a fitness trainer.


A one-time Olympic hopeful marathon runner, I was a very successful athlete yet I was so empty inside that I would fill myself with the "fad" of the day. I was lost. I considered myself a Christian since I believed in Jesus for my eternal life, but I didn't know Him in my daily life. Consequently, I suffered from abuse, eating disorders, drug addiction, immorality, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, and divorce. In order for me to get well I needed to know what wellness looked like. Asking Jesus to change my life, I started reading the Bible, talking with Christian friends, and seeking sound pastoral advice. I discovered how to keep Jesus front and center every day. Then I took this knowledge and applied it to what I already knew about physical fitness and wellness training; Faith Centered Fitness was born.


Kimberly is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 30 years experience in the industry. She ties together physical and spiritual wholeness in a life-changing relationship with Jesus.