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The innovative V-Bell is great for a large variety of uses, from toning your biceps to helping prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. An excellent tool to have handy while at your desk, the V-Bell is a beneficial asset to use when you hands get cramped at the computer.The V-Bell works the muscles at an increased speed to maximize muscle fibers, blood circulation, and stretch reflex. The result is better results in less time. Think of the V-Bell as a mini Whole Body Vibration unit, allowing you to specifically train your upper body with all the benefits available with WBV.


V-Bell - 1 for $150.00; 2 for $250.00

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The V-Bell is a unique product that combines vibration technology with upper body precision in a versatile small unit. Vibration technology has been proven and validated for over 40 years as a superior way to train.

The V-Bell was created specifically to generate precise training to the upper body muscle groups through:

* Enhancing upper body strength
* Increasing hand and wrist performance
* Improving dexterity
* Toning the arms
* Toning the shoulders
* Toning the upper back

This unique product looks like the size of a dumbbell, but has the power unlike any other free weight experience. The V-Bell turns an average tricep press into an entire workout in just 10 minutes. There are so many possibilities with diverse unit, it add easy training into everyday!

iShape – $5,495.00

Total Body Workout Benefits:

* Exercise 7 major muscle groups: legs, gluteus, back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abs
* Benefit of whole body stretch
* Reduce muscle injury and prevent muscle tension and aches, while increasing flexibility and removing stress.
* Increases the range of joint movement
* Improve bad posture

Upper Body Workout Benefits:

* Upper body stretch
* Muscle groups includes: arms, shoulders, chest, and abs
* Enhance the flexibility and sculpture on partial muscle groups

Lower Body Workout Benefits:ishape

* Lower body stretch
* Muscle groups include: legs and abs
* Focuses on legs and abs training, and relaxes thigh muscles and knees.
* Prevents muscle stiffness and numbness

Core Training Workout Benefits:

* Muscle groups include: back, abs and chest
* Stretches the back and abs to eliminate lower abs, and reduce back pain


One of the great benefits with Whole Body Vibration is the speed in which you are able to increase your flexibility. i-Shape gives you the benefits of Whole Body Vibration with ability to focus on the essential stretch reflexes.

The i-Shape benefits your health:

* Improves exercise performance – exercise performance in many sports has relation with flexibility.
* Avoids exercise injury – having a better flexibility or doing more stretch could reduce the injury during exercising.
* Prevents lower back pain – Lower back pain has relations with the flexibility and strength in abdomen, back, and leg muscle groups.
* Increases daily function – functions like walking, bending, and driving could be increased by flexibility.
* Maintains ideal posture – a bad flexibility could affect the posture.
* The i-Shape vibration machine is great for training your total body, upper body, lower body and core strength