I Am so Offended

I Am so Offended

There is a woman that I work with that uses her sexuality and lies to get a head. Recently I was the target of her lies and the boss promoted her over me. It does not seem fair! I am so angry I don’t want to go to work. I need the job. How do I deal with this situation?

Pray. When someone is offending you pray for them. I think this is very difficult at first. We are called as Christians to love our enemies. I do not have that in me without the help of the Lord. So, I pray. When I pray for those whom offend me God seems to change my heart for them and lowers my anxiety.

Today many people rely on their sexuality and deception to get ahead. Hollywood seems to promote this type of behavior and our culture is bombarded with mass media promoting this very thing. . There is not much we can do to change other people. We can change the way we react to others. We can chose to love people and genuinely care for them even if we do not agree with them or have been hurt by them. I am not saying we have to put them on our best friends list and buddy up. I am saying we need to practice constant forgiveness towards them and intentionally love them as they are. I use empathy. I am convinced that people act in a manner they feel protected in. We all have short comings and many people act prideful, hoity and deceptive because they are hurting.

I would talk with her directly and explain to her how you feel. In 1Timothy we are given a directive to take our issues directly to that person that offends us. If we do not get resolve that way we are called to involve and other person. I suggest your boss. I would clarify the truth without accusing her of lying. When you speak with her use” I feel “statements without blaming. Put your best foot forward doing your best work. If you feel the anger swelling up, let it go, pray, and stay in constant forgiveness. God is the rewarded of those who diligently seeks Him.

All of Psalms 37 works here.

Psalm 37:28” For the Lord loves justice and does not forsake His saints.”

Psalm 37:34 “Wait on the Lord, and keep His way, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land.”